Wanna Post Here?

  • If you have something to say, submit it to me and I will publish it here if it is appropriate. No strict submission rules, but you should generally restrict your writing to the subject of liberty, proper role of government and fiscal sanity. Use the attached contact form to submit. Please note that there is no guarantee, implied or otherwise, that your submission will be published. And by the way, I will publish nothing anonymously – if you are unwilling to put your real name on your opinion, then neither is worth much. Hey, mi casa, mis reglas. You should also be aware that I don’t much care if you are a liberal, a conservative, a left-handed Rastafarian, a zombie re-enactor, or of any other particular persuasion. If you can write a coherent sentence, are at least minimally respectful and have something interesting to say, I will listen and maybe publish it.
  • If you just want to bitch and call me names (or even agree with me now and then) please use the “Leave a Comment” function at the very bottom of every post (I probably won’t respond but I figure everyone is entitled to his/her opinion). And remember – no anonymous comments will be published; append your name or move along.

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