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Lincoln Journal-Star, Hadley and the Filibuster

While no one should be surprised these days by the Lincoln JournalStar’s unnatural and deeply disturbing affection for liberal miscreancy, this time Dame LJS has bent so far to the left she can see up her own skirts. An editorial … Continue reading

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Back To The Future

George Washington was not a fan of political parties. He believed strongly that factionalism, from whatever quarter, was a pernicious, even corrosive, influence on the new nation’s politics. A whiff of his disdain for the sordid machinations of political parties … Continue reading

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One House Legislature … One Horse Government

George W. Norris Nebraskans are a peculiar lot; perhaps because we lack soaring mountains, or miles of white sand beaches, or even forested expanses (Halsey and J. Sterling Morton notwithstanding), we are obliged to take pride in somewhat less splashy … Continue reading

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The game’s afoot …

  I spent a couple of hours recently at a confab billed as “Unicameral Prowess 101”, the ostensible purpose of which was to learn how to contact and influence state senators. The affair was sponsored by a distinctly right-leaning group … Continue reading

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The Great Nebraska Unicameral Committee Mystery

Have you ever wondered why Nebraska, among the reddest of the red states and seemingly a bastion of all things conservative, has tax rates (income and property) that are among the highest per capita in the nation? Were you surprised … Continue reading

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How Do You Eat An Elephant?

There is an old adage that asks “How do you eat an elephant?” and then answers “One bite at a time.” The origin of this aphorism is lost in the dim reaches of my memory, but as I ponder the … Continue reading

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Lies, Damned Lies, and Obamacare

It’s a sin to tell a lie … period. Unless, of course, you are the President of the United States – then blatant purposeful repeated lying becomes an acceptable, even admirable, tactic. I used to think that Bill Clinton represented … Continue reading

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