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No light, but rather darkness visible

The title of this post is taken, of course, from Milton’s description of Hell in Paradise Lost. There will be those who deem my selection of the title as hyperbolic, too dramatic by half – possibly even maliciously intentioned – … Continue reading

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Burke and Paine … Together Again

I have long been interested in what can best be termed “First Causes” as a way in which to try to understand complex ideas, especially those pertaining to politics, society and governance. Accordingly, I have spent a lot of time … Continue reading

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Internet Anonymity, or, Cowardice Unchained

In his book, All Things Considered, G. K. Chesterton wrote  “Anonymous journalism is dangerous, and is poisonous in our existing life simply because it is so rapidly becoming an anonymous life. That is the horrible thing about our contemporary atmosphere. … Continue reading

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