Lies, Damned Lies, and Obamacare

It’s a sin to tell a lie … period. Unless, of course, you are the President of the United States – then blatant purposeful repeated lying becomes an acceptable, even admirable, tactic. I used to think that Bill Clinton represented the absolute nadir in moral turpitude (remember that finger shaking in our collective face while the Arkansas drawl assured us “Ah did not have sex with that woman – Miz Loo-in-sky”?). Shoot, Bill Clinton couldn’t even tote Barry’s gym bag when it comes to bald-faced prevarication.

I could rail and fume on and on about the Big O’s utter lack of anything resembling ethical character, but the fact is, most of us possessive of more sentience than a stale bagel have known for years what he is. Sadly, Obama’s practiced calumny has become old news. Routine. Unremarkable. Quotidian.

And so we come to the latest manifestation of O-blarney:  How wondrous, even transcendental , will be the new paradigm in health insurance. It turns out – not so much …. Here are facts, and, sadly, they represent just one case in tens of millions.

Being of …um … shall we say venerable vintage, I personally am initially relatively unaffected by the slings and arrows of outrageous Obamacare,  though I fully expect a financial proctoscopy at some future point as this deplorable law matures to fulsome putrescence. My wife, on the other hand, has not yet attained geezerhood and pays for her own insurance, which policy also covers our youngest daughter. For some years now, she has rocked along with the Blues, happy as a clam with the coverage provided at what seems like, if not a reasonable cost, at least one we could live with without resorting to grand larceny or food stamps or both.

Cue the Affordable (yeah, right) Care Act, and …

The following is partial text of a letter received from Blue Cross on 9/24/13


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), also called “health care reform,” requires big changes to health insurance starting January 1, 2014. Because of these changes, we will no longer offer the health care plan you currently have.

In order to comply with the new requirements for individual health plans under PPACA, we must eliminate your current Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska plan effective December 31, 2013.

Etc., etc.

They go on to outline the features of the new plan which they will offer which is closest to the plan my wife currently holds. The salient comparative features of the two plans run on to several pages, but the critical points are these.

*****************                          Old Plan               New Plan                 Difference

Monthly premium                           $577.71                   $794.46            + $215.75 (+ 37.3%)

Co-insurance                                       20%                       50%                           250%

CoPay                                                 $40                          $60                              50%

Additionally, she will now be paying for maternity care (she had a hysterectomy several years ago), pediatric dental and vision care (our youngest child is 24 years old), as well as treatment for mental illness and substance abuse. Presumably this last coverage might be useful when government-controlled health care drives her to drink and/or crazy. And finally, $30 (formulary) and $60 (non-formulary) co-pays on prescription drugs (which her current plan provides) are eliminated.

We currently have no way to ascertain whether or not she will be eligible for federal subsidy since, as you may have heard, their steenkin’ website has been down since about 20 seconds after they started it up. Blue Cross does provide an on-line “approximate” estimator (though they emphasize its lack of precision), and, utilizing this, it appears highly unlikely that any subsidy will be forthcoming.

So, to summarize, she will be getting (at best) much crappier coverage than her current plan (including several services there is not the slightest possibility she will ever use) at a cost some 37% higher than her current plan, and if she doesn’t go along with this, she will be forced to pay a stiff fine.

This is what passes for “good” public policy under a neo-Marxist regime, folks.

Next time you get a chance, slap a Liberal … it won’t help the health care fiasco much but it might make you feel better for a minute.


About Ed Stevens

retired geezer; paleo-crypto-apocalypto-reactio-conservative; I have no interest in and no time for facile "compromise" or "coming together" - the difference between right and wrong is pretty clear. I'd rather be carried from the field on my shield than wind up polishing the armor of my enemies.
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